Better Than Us Season 2: Will We Have Next Installment Of The Show?

Better Than Us Season 2 1
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Better Than Us is a Russian science fiction series that was opened to fans in 2029. The story takes place in a city where androids serve the population in various positions, in any case, replacing people in certain jobs.

The vast majority accept that they are soulless machines, they can think and feel compassion. Arisa, an android, starts acting like a human from anywhere and from time to time seems to be significantly more surprising.

Renewal Updates?

The suspense series is the creation of producer Andrey Jankowski C1R for the Russian state, which was first made in Russia on November 23, 2018, and the achievement led Netflix to acquire universal rights, making this show streaming. It became the main Russian single series.

The first run of Better Than Us is available on a world stage, but fans are still waiting for season 2. In Russia, the second run of the series reached fans on July 7, with such a large number of admitted that the Netflix streaming show would air very soon, however, stating that the entertainment organization had screened the scenes from the first and second season. Gathered. And presenting them as individual episodes of 16 episodes.


Things will be the third season of “Better Than Us”, what will be the correct investigation? Also, the proper answer is yes. During the ‘Morning of the Motherland’ film festival in June this year, Andrey Jankowski revealed that the material was produced.

Expected Release Date?

However, it is not yet clear whether Netflix will release the third season as the second or even adjusted for the fourth season. Since Streaming Monsters hasn’t renewed it, it’s unclear if fans will see the next season on the Barfix streaming show.

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Neither the creators of the series nor Netflix have revealed the release date of the second part of “Better Than Us”, but they predicted that it will happen sometime in 2020. In the event that you do it with previous people. It can occur in Russia a year from now in July and reach the broadcast stage in August.

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