Emergence: Is The Drama Series Renewed Or Canceled For Season 2 By ABC?

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ABC Network has canceled emergence and here is what we know about it!

Well, well, well, new reports have come out that disappoint all the fans of the popular series called Emergence on ABC Network. It has come to the media’s knowledge that our favorite town of Southold is going to be put on a rearview mirror because ABC is now canceling this show after just one installment. The genre of Emergence excels in the department of science and fiction.

This series ran for a total of 13 episodes and never aired for more than four episodes simultaneously. If we go on and try to talk about the feedback from the audience as well as the critics, then you should know that it was not bad.

Here is what the reviews of Emergence were!

The series scored a 0.5 in the demographic scale that ranges from 18 to 49 while it was able to garner approximately 2.7 million viewers.

Source: tvline.com

ABC aired a total of ten dramas in this TV season, and it potentially canceled shows like The Baker and the Beauty which ranked seventh in the audience rates.

Here is what the story of Emergence is all about!

The series, Emergence, has employed actress Allison Tolman (you can remember her from Fargo) in the role of Jo Evans. Jo is the chief of Police in Southold She is set on the task to investigate the wreckage that has been caused by a mysterious plane crash on a local beach, Jo founds a young girl whose name is Piper (The role reprised by Alexa Swinton) and happens to gain some sort of telekinetic powers.

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