“House of Cards Season 7″: Will ‘Kevin Spacey” return in the upcoming season? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

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House of Cards, is Netflix’s original series. It first premiered on February 1st, 2013. Furthermore, the series was followed by six seasons. And consists of a total of 73 episodes. Season 6 of the series was said to be the last and final season. The finale of the series aired on 2nd November 2018. But fans are still hoping that the series might make a comeback with another season.

The American political thriller series is said to be an adaptation of the BBC series of 1990. Moreover, the BBC series itself is based on the 1989 Novel by Michael Dobbs. Beau Willimon is the creator of the Netflix original series.

On October 11, 2017, the series had been renewed for season 6. Later on, Anthony Rapp, one of the actors from the show made a public accusation. He had mentioned that the lead actor of the series, Spacey, had made a sexual move on him. Anthony Rapp allegedly was 14 then. In addition to this, Netflix confirmed that season 6 would be the final season in the series. Rumors and Fan’s theories suggest that the series was canceled due to the allegations. These theories have neither been confirmed nor denied.

House of Cards Season 7: Release Date

Netflix had announced back in 2017, that season 6 of the series would be the last and final season. Three years later, fans are still hoping that the series might make a comeback.

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There might be a possibility for season 7 since the series became a huge hit in for the previous six seasons. But not much can be said since there have been no confirmations.

Unfortunately, there has been no news regarding House of Cards season 7. Until then the six seasons of the series are available on Netflix.

House of Cards Season 7: Cast

We’re hoping the cast from previous seasons return and reprise their roles. But it is only possible if the series makes a comeback with another season. Moreover, the question right now is “if” and not “When”! Lead actor of the series Kevin Spacey is unlikely to return. It is unclear, but there are possibilities that the series was canceled due to his sexual misconduct.

The cast members from the previous seasons include:

  • Kevin Spacey played the character of Francis J. “Frank” Underwood until season 5, when his character was narrated to have died.
  • Robin Wright plays the character Claire Underwood
  • Kate Mara plays the character of Zoe Barnes
  • Michael Kelly plays the character of Douglas “Doug” Stamper
  • Kristen Connolly plays the character of Christina Gallagher
  • Constance Zimmer plays the character of Janine Skorsky
  • Michel Gill plays the character of Garrett Walker
  • Sebastian Arcelus plays the character of Lucas Goodwin
  • Boris McGiver plays the character of Tom Hammerschmidt

House of Cards Season 7: Storyline

The premise of House of Cards involves a congressman Frank Underwood. In addition to this, Frank is a democrat. And is from South Carolina. Along with him is his wife, Claire Underwood. She is as ambitious as Frank.

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The story then moves forward, as Frank is not appointed for the secretary of state. Next, he forms an elaborate plan, with his wife tagging along. All of this is done to attain power. The show includes genres of corruption, power, pragmatism, deception, and manipulation.

House of Cards: Critical Acclamation

The series earned praises for its thrilling plot and unique storyline. In addition to positive reviews, the series was nominated for various awards. The awards include:

  • 33 Primetime Emmy Award nominations
  • Eight Golden Globe Award nominations
  • Best Actress – Television Series Drama in 2014
  • Best Actor – Television Series Drama in 2015.

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