“Midsomer Murders Season 22”: Will “Neil Dudgeon” return in the upcoming season? Read here to know release date, plot, cast and more!

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Dark humor is not every writer’s cup of tea. On top of that, making it whimsical is almost next to impossible. However, Midsomer Murders has perfectly nailed this combo. Midsomer Murders is a British drama series that first aired in 1977. Running for almost two decades, it is one of the longest-running series ever. The series is based on “Chief Inspector Barnaby” written by Caroline Graham. The show has received a positive response since its launch and has major viewership. It has a rating of 7.7 on IMDb, something which not many shows can boast about.

With 21 seasons and 124 episodes, viewers and critics have received the show alike. Fascinating puzzles and dark witty humor with a slight blend of silliness has made this show a fascinating watch.

Release Date: Midsomer Murders Season 22

The official release date has not been announced yet. However, the creators have expressed their enthusiasm for season 22. With immense support from all around the world, it doesn’t seem the show will stop anytime soon. However, the coronavirus pandemic has caught the world in its grip. It has also pulled the plug from the entertainment industry.

Even if the show is renewed, production will not start anytime soon. An official announcement can be expected once the pandemic is brought under control. It is widely speculated that the new season will release late in 2020 or early in 2021. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted with any updates!

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Cast: Midsomer Murders Season 22

The cast for the upcoming season is likely to remain the same. Neil Dudgeon will play Detective Chief John Barnaby while Nick Hendrix will play as Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter again! Fiona Dolman will be playing the role of Sarah Barnaby. Dr. Fleur Perkins also returns. Annette Badland will play her role. The series has had multiple cast changes which is why we can expect many new faces. Confirmation of the new cast members is still pending.

Storyline: Midsomer Murders Series

The show is set in Midsomer County which is part of modern-day England. Moreover, the series revolves around Chief Inspector Barnby and Jamie Winter who solve many murders. The duo have encountered many gruesome homicides. Their method of solving these mysteries is simply remarkable. As mentioned before, dark humor along with a pint of silliness makes this show a must-watch. Season 21 included the duo tackling four gruesome homicides. The best episode in season 21 was perhaps “The Miniature Murders”. Here the duo along with some help investigate the murder of a real estate agent. The murder takes place during the unveiling of a Dollhouse Collection.

Plot: Midsomer Murders Season 22

Like the previous seasons, Season 22 is expected to handle delectable mysteries. However, it is too early to guess the plot for the upcoming episodes. We hope to be given more insight into the lives of the detectives. There will be new additions to the cast. As a result, the show is expected to be a phenomenal hit.

Trailer: Midsomer Murders Season 22

The official trailer has not been released yet. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted with any updates. If you haven’t watched it already, here is the original trailer for season 21, released by Acorn TV.

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