Suga and Jimin have problems? They can’t be around long

Suga and Jimin have problems 1
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BTS’s In the Soop shows a side of Suga that we already knew! Her “old man” soul comes out and says a shocking phrase to Jimin.

Suga, also known as Agust D, is known to the ARMY and the other members of the famous K-Pop group as a serious and meticulous person, however, the new episode of In ths Soop has reaffirmed his “old man” soul. .

In an interview in 2017, Jimin defined Suga as a direct person, who has no doubts and who likes to receive love from the other BTS members; However, he was quite wrong about how long the rapper, songwriter and producer like to live with other idols.

Suga and Jimin have problems in BTS?

On August 20, the reality show In the SOOP about BTS premiered on the Weverse app in some Asian countries. In the first episode, the BTS are seen enjoying a resort in the woods. With the presence of the members of this famous K-Pop group, the quiet lakefront house will soon stop being quiet.

As usual, the first thing they did was divide the rooms and choose a roommate. Jimin chose the upstairs bedroom with Suga as the ideal roommate. But this idea was immediately ruined because Suga’s “old man” soul emerged:

“I’d rather sleep on the bus,” Suga responded to Jimin’s impulse. “So you should sleep here.”

Although many BTS fans thought that Jimin and Suga have problems within the group, others assured that it was only a funny moment between these idols and that the relationship between all is better than ever.

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