“Taboo Season 2”: Will it ever get released? Also, check out its plot, cast, release date, and so much more!

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BBC television drama “Taboo” is a presentation of Scott Free London and Hardy Son and Baker. Set in 1814, the series begins with the protagonist coming back to England after spending 12 years in Africa. He escaped England with fourteen stolen diamonds after his father’s death. This series portrays the dark and negative side of London in the 19th century, which includes political and business corruption.

“Taboo” debuted in the United Kingdom on January 7, 2019, on BBC One with eight episodes. After a few days, it premiered in the United States on FX. Because of the overwhelming response, BBC announced the second season the same year in March.

Release Date of Taboo Season 2:

It’s been three years now since season one aired. The show has been facing a delay continuously. Various reasons can be pointed out for the regular postponement of the second season. First and the most important reason is Tom Hardy’s tightly packed schedule. He managed to throw back into the main headlines when he starred in Marvel’s Venom. Although the movie was not greatly received by the fans and critics both but it turned out to be a huge success at the box-office. And now he has also been selected to portray the character of one of the most prominent Spiderman villains again in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

This year, Tom Hardy also starred in Capone in which he portrayed the infamous character of Al Capone. His performance received great reviews but the movie was brutally butchered by the critics.

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Peaky Blinders fame, Steven Knight, serves as one of the makers of this show. He occupied himself in writing the script for the next season of Peaky Fooking Blinders. Additionally, he was also involved in the production of Apple TV+ original series named See. In January 2019, Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley welcomed their newborn child into the family.

The ongoing pandemic can also be blamed for this reason. Also, the production work has been delayed for an uncertain date. Hence, we cannot predict when the second season will premiere. As per the sources, the composition process is going on. Therefore, it is confirmed that a second season will surely come out. As the production is delayed and also the officials haven’t revealed any date as of now, we cannot anticipate it. We have to wait until manufacturers make any official announcement.

Keeping the constant postponement of the second season in mind, Knight has informed the fans that the makers have decided to put the show on hiatus.

The Cast of Taboo Season 2:

Whenever we get the second season, we will certainly see Tom Hardy coming back as James Keziah Delaney. Leo Bill will play the character of Benjamin Wilton. Jessie Buckley will play Lorna Delaney’s role. We expect to get back the entire cast from the last season. It includes Oona Chaplin as Zilpha Geary, Stephen Graham as Atticus, and Jefferson Hall as Thorne Geary.

Additionally, David Hayman, Edward Hogg, Franka Potente, Michael Kelly, and Tom Hollander will return.

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Expected Plot of Taboo Season 2:

Season two will start from where the previous season ended. Steven Knight has left clues to take James Delaney’s story forward in the next season. It may focus on his tattoo and the secret behind it. We will get to know why he has been fighting with the East India Company and Prince Regent. Season 2 may reveal Prince Regent’s motive behind the shoot-out and his betrayal.

Season two will bring us more thrills. We have to wait until season two’s release. But, it’s worth both the time and patience.

The Storyline of Taboo:

Steven Knight establishes a set of 1814 London in which he portrays the dark side of the city. “Taboo” revolves around James Delaney’s escape in Africa, his father’s death, and corruption. Season one highlights a dispute around the land of Nootka Sound. The dispute is between Great Britain and the United States who are involved in a war. The East India Company made an agreement to buy the land from Jame’s half-sister Zilpha Geary. He is aware that the war is going to end. Thus he increases the value of the land and scorns their offer. James somehow discovers the real cause of his father’s death, which is arsenic poisoning.

The season one comes to an end when James, Lorna, and their associates plan to escape, but a traitor appears. The traitor is none but the Prince Regent. In the final frame, we see that the East India Company is eventually discredited.

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