Etsy Latest To Crackdown On QAnon Conspiracy Theory

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E-commerce platform Etsy will remove and ban any items affiliated with the right-wing QAnon conspiracy theory, the company told Business Insider Wednesday, as the theory claiming there is a “deep state” plot against President Trump and his supporters by a global cabal of sex traffickers looking to create a New World Order has grown in popularity across social media platforms.



QAnon items violate Etsy’s seller policies prohibiting sales of items that “promote hate, incite violence, or promote or endorse harmful misinformation,” Etsy told Business Insider.


Some QAnon products are available as of Wednesday; Forbes has reached out to Etsy for comment.


Etsy previously had a “substantial” amount of QAnon products, including t-shirts, masks, bumper stickers and necklaces, Business Insider reported in August.


In August, Etsy told Business Insider products related to movements are allowed as long as they don’t promote hate or incite violence and said product listings are always under review.


The QAnon conspiracy first appeared on a 4chan message board in 2017 and has grown rapidly. It claims a “deep state” controls American society and has claimed people including Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the nation’s leading authorities on infectious diseases, are actors in the deep state plot. Trump rally attendees regularly wear shirts or hold signs supporting QAnon. Last year, the FBI called some QAnon followers “conspiracy theory-driven domestic terrorists.”


The Etsy crackdown comes a day after Facebook announced all Facebook pages, groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon will be removed, even if they do not contain violent content.

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