Milwaukee Health Department, city tells families not to trick-or-treat

Milwaukee Health Department 1
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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Health Department on Tuesday said it does not support trick or treating this year because of the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Tom Barrett said they are not explicitly “canceling” trick-or-treating, but are asking families not to participate.

“We’re not going to create a designated time for trick-or-treating as we’ve done in the past,” Barret said.

In Bay View, alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic said she is canceling trick-or-treat for her district.

“Something’s got to change. We’re one of the third worst states in the country,” Dimitrijevic said. “My son heard me on the phone call with the mayor’s office and he goes, ‘No mommy, mommy no.’ I said, ‘No, it’s not that we’re not having Halloween, we’re just not having the trick-or-treat.'”

“There’s a lot of other fun things you can do. I’m still going to dress up with my family. We’re going to go look at decorations, but the door-to-door in large groups right now, in our worst spike, the DHS said since March, it’s just not advisable,” said Dimitrijevic.

The Milwaukee Health Department suggested a scary movie night, scavenger hunts for candy at your own home, looking at local Halloween decorations, or going to a corn maze or pumpkin patch were all low risk activities to do for Halloween.

Organizers of A & J’s Halloween House in Bay View have their decorations up and said they will keep them up for families during the season.

“I think it’s appropriate (to cancel trick-or-treat,) it just makes sense not to have it, but we’re disappointed that it’s not happening,” said Andy Reid, one of the organizers of A & J’s Halloween House. –

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