The best gifts for hackers

The best gifts for hackers
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While hackers are often associated with criminal acts and interest in hacking may not be encouraged — especially at younger ages — the difference between white hat and black hat activities is important to remember. 

 These days, with cyberattacks increasing in scope and complexity, we need professional, ethical hackers to help protect the day-to-day services we all use, and when it comes to younger people especially with an interest in this field, a gift or two to encourage their entry into this world could be a great idea this holiday season. 

Below, we have created a list of themed gifts relating to this profession, ranging from clothing to challenging pieces of kit, that the hacker in your life will enjoy, no matter their age or experience level.


A gift for radio signal exploration

KerberosSDR is a 4-tuner phase-coherent RTL-SDR software defined radio perfect for any hacker or enthusiast’s toolkit. The radio kit, which uses custom software to operate, can be used for applications including radio direction finding, passive radar applications, and beam forming.

$249 at Othernet

Hak5 Essentials Field Kit

An investment, and a gift

The Hak5 Essentials kit would make a fantastic gift this Christmas. Although pricey, this kit should be considered an investment item that contains everything hackers need to get started. The Hak5 bundle includes a WiFi Pineapple, USB Rubber Ducky, Shark Jack, Packet Squirrel, and a variety of cables and other accessories.

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$279 at Hak5

Sticker bundle

For novelty

A small stocking filler or novelty gift — with no serious meaning attached — could simply be a cybersecurity and hacker-themed sticker bundle. More suitable for younger enthusiasts to plaster over their laptop, the bundle on Amazon is available for only $5.99.

$5 at Amazon

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