GamesBeat Decides: Sonic’s best (and worst) friends

GamesBeat Decides: Sonic’s best (and worst) friends
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Mike [email protected] January 17, 2021 6:16 AM

We had so much fun making a tier list of Nintendo’s consoles last week that Jeff Grubb and I are back at it again with a topic that’s a bit more silly.

We’re ranking Sonic the Hedgehog’s friends.

Yup, we go through all of the notable anthropomorphic characters that have showed up in the Sega franchise over the years. While we do have to suffer through some atrocious creatures, we do find a few characters that we like (or, as Sonic would say, are way past cool).

Hopefully you enjoy the video, which you can watch above. And you can also make your own Sonic friends tier list here.

Next week, we’re planning to shift our focus back to Nintendo and rank the core Mario games. And no, this doesn’t include Yoshi’s Island.

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