Devsisters launches Cookie Run: Kingdom mobile RPG

Devsisters launches Cookie Run: Kingdom mobile RPG
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Dean [email protected] January 20, 2021 6:30 PM

Cookie Run: Kingdom by Devsisters.

Image Credit: Devsisters

Devsisters is launching Cookie Run: Kingdom today as the latest title in a franchise that has had more than 100 million downloads.

It’s a base-building role-playing mobile game where players outsmart their opponents and, yes, fight each other with cookies. Cookie Run: Kingdom has more than 2.5 million people who have signed up.

South Korea-based Devsisters created the iOS and Android game as an expansion of the popular Cookie Run universe. With the goal of out-baking their opponents, players can enlist over 100 cookies with the gacha function to create a cookie army. The cookies adventure takes players through over 200 story levels where they build strongholds, fight for the kingdom, and uncover secrets of the past. It’s a fight to the last crumb.

Devsisters previously created OvenBreak in 2009 and Cookie Run: OvenBreak in 2016. Those games have had more than 100 million downloads worldwide.

Devsisters co-CEO Kim Jongheun said in a statement that it took four years to make the new game, where the aim was to make players feel like they were in a movie — one they were creating themselves.

Founded in 2007, Devsisters has 400 employees across eight studios. The company went public in South Korea in 2014. It turned a profit in the first quarter of 2020, when revenues from Cookie Run: OvenBreak helped double company revenues. But the company has lost money more recently as it has made heavy investments for game launches this year.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom switches up past games in the franchise by combining building, fighting, and RPG elements.

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